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Patch 8.3 Testing

Test Server Information & what needs currently testing
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Re: Patch 8.3 Testing


Post by aztecgold12 » Fri Apr 12, 2019 9:07 pm

I like that the actual adjustments to powers were posted and I agree with them. I also like the move to increasing damage but switching it away from LS damage. It makes more sense to me to have lightning be electricity, mind blast to be blast, since force powers are a different entity than LS.

This also sums up how I feel they should be:

“I'm kind of okay with that as that's how base SWG is. Powers was never good and the previous tweak made them too strong in PvP. They won't be the best, but they also won't be the worst.” -tyclo

Powers shouldn’t be better than MLS or terrible. Just a different play style. My 2 cents

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Re: Patch 8.3 Hotfix Testing


Post by Tyclo » Tue May 14, 2019 3:14 am

Patch 8.3 May 14th 2019 Hotfix Notes
  • [Added] Event NPC Teleporter System
  • [Adjusted] Event NPC Teleporter max NPCs
  • [Adjusted] Saber block PvP 70% max, -20% stunned, -10% blinded
  • [Adjusted] Saber block PvE 85% max, -10% stunned, -5% blinded
  • [Fixed] Event NPC Teleporter 10 minute timer
  • [Fixed] Smuggler keypad terminal slicing
  • [Updated] /findstructures command overhaul
    • Some of the status items are temporary. (Used for testing, please use the command and try to crash the server - Only need to try it once)
  • [Updated] Event loot command gives the same loot type to all players

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Location: Las Vegas, NV
United States of America

Re: Patch 8.3 Testing


Post by Tyclo » Fri May 24, 2019 12:03 am

Patch 8.3 May 23rd 2019 Hotfix Notes
  • [Added] Installation Beacon and Harvester Resource Extractor back end. (Unobtainable)
  • [Added] Additional items to Staff Tools
  • [Added] Event Dungeon Instance Screenplay
  • [Adjusted] Lowered PSG decay
  • [Adjusted] Reverted armor decay to pre-pub10 rate
  • [Adjusted] Event loot command added SR Coin
  • [Adjusted] Increased Black Sun BH Armor and Jetpack base loot chance
  • [Adjusted] Mandalorian Armor increased condition from 40k to 60k
  • [Adjusted] Various respawn timers of non-essential NPCs and creatures across the galaxy.
  • [Fixed] Neutral Even Teleporter NPC Conversation typo
  • [Fixed] Reverted Krayt Dragons to Sentinel Republic stats and loot from SWGEmu
  • [Fixed] Auction main categories displaying all results (Note: This bug did not make it live)
  • [Removed] Loot from various non-essential NPCs and creatures across the galaxy
  • [Removed] Kaas Separatist Screenplay
  • [Removed] Factory crate auction category listing (No player facing changes - This change was never on live due to a bug that was found, will be readded in the next SWGEmu update)
PSGs: Lowered Decay from 10% to 5% of damage taken.
Armor: Lowered Decay from 20% to 10% of damage taken.

Note: When this patch is live, we will be trading any previously crafted Mandalorian Armor pieces for new pieces.

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