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General Conduct Clarifications

Policy Listings
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General Conduct Clarifications


Post by desporo » Fri Oct 05, 2018 11:04 am

General Conduct required of all players and staff.

1.1 Player Harassment: Harassment is defined as deliberate actions made with the intention of upsetting or provoking others, thereby preventing them from enjoying their game play. It also involves a real or perceived power imbalance with actions repeated over time. This may include but is not limited to:
  • Verbal abuse – offensive name-calling, insults or gossiping
  • Non-verbal abuse – offensive hand signs or messages
  • Racial, sexist or homophobic – racist remarks or jokes, sexist jokes or comments, or homophobic, transphobic or gender-related jokes or comments. This area would also include any form of hate speech that reinforces the marginalisation of minority groups, e.g. those with physical or mental health needs, or on the basis of religious or political belief.
  • Sexual – abusive sexualised name-calling, derogatory comments, or inappropriate sexual propositions or comments related to criminal acts.
  • Indirect – spreading stories or rumours about someone, intimidation, exclusion from social groups, manipulating or constantly undermining someone, or use of memes to effect one of these actions.
This could take place either within the game, in discord, in the forums, or in any other platform which references Sentinels Republic as a community or individual players.

1.2 Staff Harassment: Staff are in place to ensure that all players are able to enjoy their game time. Harassment of the server staff is unacceptable, and will not be tolerated.

1.3 Language Usage: Language that is considered extremely vulgar, racist, sexist, homophobic, or defamatory should not be used within the game or discord, or on any other social media platform which names Sentinels Republic, or any member of its community of staff and players.

1.4 Staff Impersonation: Players will not attempt to impersonate or act as staff members at any time, attempting to do so will result in permanent ban of the account. Staff are identifiable in-game by their tags e.g. Admin, Dev, CC, CSR, EC, CSI and by similar titles in discord.

1.5 Chat. Failure to comply with a staff request or complaining repeatedly about it will result in the account being frozen for a short period of time.

1.6 Chat Spam. Spamming of any chat system is not allowed. Chat bans will be issued.

1.7 Disruption: Any disruption of chat in the chat channels in game or on discord will be dealt with by a staff member. Examples of disruption could be, but are not limited to, abusive, racial, personal attacks, griefing or taunting an individual or guild.

1.8 Taunting and Griefing: Any taunting or smack talking between players is not allowed. Whilst we recognize that there is a PvP element and the game is set in the Galatic Civil War we expect players to treat each other with respect. Griefing is defined as deliberately harassing or irritating other players, using aspects of the game in unintended ways. Placing bases in opposing cities by key facilities such as shuttleports, cloning centres, cantinas or med bases with buffing facilities and vendors is not acceptable.

1.9 The NSFW channel is provided for those who wish to participate in conversations of an adult nature. This channel is not moderated by staff, however player and staff harassment, griefing etc will not be tolerated. Parents are advised to ensure that those under 18 do not have access to it.

If these rules are broken the following consequences are in place.
  • General reminders about the expectations of behaviours.
  • A warning by a senior member of staff, stating which rules have been broken. This will be shared with all staff so that warnings are not duplicated.
  • Freezing/muting ingame and removal of discord access for a short period of time so that the player can consider their actions and staff can consider any further action required.
  • Removal of discord access and or game access for a period of time ranging from 24 hours to a week. This will be discussed and agreed by admin staff.
  • Removal of in game and/or discord access for an extended period of time, typically 30 days in length. This will be discussed and agreed by admin staff.
  • Deleting of an account, banning of the IP address and removal from any and all discord servers related to SR. This will be discussed and agreed by admin staff. IP addresses and account names may be shared with other server owners.
If you wish to dispute the action taken by staff, you are advised to contact the lead admin no sooner than 24 hours after the action has been taken.

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