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BEAST Fishing tournament and BEAST WAR!

Official Event Listings and Discussion
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BEAST Fishing tournament and BEAST WAR!


Post by Bells » Tue Jan 23, 2018 1:10 am

Hi Sentinels,

Beast is sponsoring a fishing tournament and Beast Wars ! Next Saturday Jan 27 beginning at 12 noon EST.

Our first event will be the fishing tournament.

Rules for fishing will be given the day of the event and hosted by Kaal . If you plan on competing please arrive in Beast city on Dromund Kaas at 12 noon.

Prize for 1st place Category 1 will be the jetpack that almost the whole server worked together to craft! Thanks to all who helped :)

Prize for 1st place Category 2 will be a pod racer ! (It can be viewed on the ceiling of the Beast mall )

Price for 1st place Category 3 will be an AV21.

Beast Wars begin as the fishing ends ! Starting at 1 pm EST Crafters or people with no combat master badges can participate in DICE OOOOF DEATH! The event will leave one crafter/newb standing and the prize is 30 k of any resource ever spawned !

At 1:30 any creature handler that would like to go 1:1 with their pets (including droids! ) will be invited to duel for the spectators. Please email Snowlily in advance and we will adjust classes to pets available. (or players ! if they want to jump in)

Lastly we will have a 1:1 pvp tournament . Brackets will be determined alphabetically. Please arrive by 1:30p to sign up with Dove. The rules of this are bring your own foods your own buffs your own dots . It is until death. There will be specific bounds to this arena . Leaving the arena is a forfeit. Winner gets a Tshirt ! " I won BEAST WARS and all i got was this lousy shirt ! "
Hope to see you there !

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