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Patch 8.3 Testing

Test Server Information & what needs currently testing
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Re: Patch 8.3 Testing


Post by aztecgold12 » Fri Apr 12, 2019 9:07 pm

I like that the actual adjustments to powers were posted and I agree with them. I also like the move to increasing damage but switching it away from LS damage. It makes more sense to me to have lightning be electricity, mind blast to be blast, since force powers are a different entity than LS.

This also sums up how I feel they should be:

“I'm kind of okay with that as that's how base SWG is. Powers was never good and the previous tweak made them too strong in PvP. They won't be the best, but they also won't be the worst.” -tyclo

Powers shouldn’t be better than MLS or terrible. Just a different play style. My 2 cents

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