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Elo’s SEAs

Ingame Trade and Price Check Listings for the New Alderaan Galaxy
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Elo’s SEAs


Post by Elo » Fri Jun 14, 2019 12:14 pm

Just a plug for my vendor Elo’s SEAs in the MD Mall (fly into MD and go directly away from the cantina/med cen - it’s the big building you run directly in to).

Note: All SEAs are overpriced on vendor. This is because I believe fair market price changes with demand. Make your best offer here via forum PM or in game mail to Oenomaus. I’m not trying to hoard these, so all reasonable offers will be accepted.

Inventory (will update with changes):

Additional pets 25
Bleeding resistance 12
Bleeding resistance 15
Bleeding resistance 25
Block 16
Cover 21
Cover 24
Creature taming bonus 18
Creature taming bonus 25
Defense vs blind 17
Defense vs intimidate 16
Defense vs intimidate 25
Defense vs knockdown 5
Defense vs posture change (up) 19
Defense vs posture change (up) 20
Droid tracking speed 23
Group melee defense 9
Group terrain negotiation 20
Group terrain negotiation 23
Group terrain negotiation 7
Heavy acid rifle accuracy 19
Light lightning cannon accuracy 22
One handed weapon accuracy 3
One handed weapon speed 18
Pistol accuracy 8
Pistol accuracy while standing 19
Pistol speed 7
Poison resistance 16
Polearm accuracy 21
Polearm accuracy 5
Polearm speed 21
Polearm speed 4
Ranged defense 5
Rifle speed 8
Rifle speed 17
Taming vicious creatures 18
Taming vicious creatures 7
Taming wild creatures 21
Taming wild creatures 25
Terrain negotiation 7
Thrown weapon accuracy 16
Thrown weapon speed 18
Unarmed accuracy 5
Unarmed accuracy 6
Unarmed damage 19
Unarmed damage 25

Carbine accuracy 16
Carbine accuracy while moving 22
Carbine speed 9
Combat medicine assembly 19
Creature taming bonus 21
Disease resistance 5
Droid precision 20
Droid speed 20
Force knockdown accuracy 11
Group melee defense 23
Group terrain negotiation 5
Group terrain negotiation 12
Heavy acid rifle speed 25
Medicine assembly 21
Medicine use 6
Melee defense 3
One-handed lightsaber speed 24
Ranged injury treatment speed 21
Rifle speed 5
Surveying 20
Taking over 24
Terrain negotiation 22
Terrain negotiation 23
Terrain negotiation 24
Tracking droid effectiveness 24
Two-handed melee speed 4
Last edited by Elo on Fri Jun 21, 2019 8:09 pm, edited 4 times in total.

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Posts: 41
Joined: Mon Oct 22, 2018 12:43 pm
United States of America

Re: Elo’s SEAs


Post by Elo » Sun Jun 16, 2019 1:24 pm

Sale over. Send best offer on any SEA you want.

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