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 Welcome to the New Home of Restoration CU Server


Sentinels Republic Emu and Restoration CU have joined together and are now both part of the SREmu Group of Servers

The staff are working together to create new content for both Servers and giving the players the best SWG experience.

Restoration CU is the only Combat Upgrade Star Wars Galaxies Emu Server.





Everything in this website is provided as is.

SWG is copyright of Lucas Arts and Sony Online Entertainment.

SREmu would like to thank & credit the following for their publicly released custom code, Levarrishawk, Bats, Takhomasak, Hayln and MTG. 

If you have a problem with any content, take it up with our External Affairs Officer - Boba Fett.


Contact Details

Restoration CU SREmu

Broadcasting from Coruscant

Email: admin@swgsremu.com

Website: http://www.swgsremu.com/restoration


What We Do

Restoration CU SREmu is a Star Wars Galaxies Emulator for running SOE's SWG game with custom content based on the work of the SWGEmu team.  We are a group of dedicated and passionate developers who spend our free time working to bring you the very best in Star Wars entertainment.