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Patch 8.1

Forum for all New Alderaan Patch notes
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Patch 8.1


Post by Tyclo » Mon Nov 19, 2018 10:10 pm

Galactic Moon Festival:
  • The Galactic Moon Festival has ended.
  • Made the battlefield SF only. (Rebel and Imperials get separate entrance zones)
  • Walking outside of the battleground will no longer port out of the battlefield immediately. You will be given a 30 seconds warning, if you do return within 30 seconds, you will be punished severely.
  • Rebel and Imperials must talk to separate dedicated NPCs to leave the battleground. (NPCs located in cloner)
  • Added turrets outside of the battlefield cloners.
  • New Rebel/Imperial NPCs added throughout the battlefield.
  • Balanced loot and increased respawn time at Battlefield the Droid Facility.
  • Added reward for first place in the Halloween Homeshow.
  • Added SR Photo Competition Posters. (4 new items)
  • Added New Custom Event Paintings, Publish Paintings and new Items to event loot. (19 new items in total)
  • Added /pvp command. Players can only declare On Leave >> Combantant >> Special Forces.
    • Removed the ability to select a declared faction player target and opt to change faction (No longer needed due to /pvp command)
  • Jedi:
    • Defender:
      • Force Defense modifier now protects against Force Powers attacks.
    • Powers:
      • Lightning: Remains Lightsaber, less damage, slightly faster, less force cost.
      • Mind Blast: Blast damage, increased damage, slightly faster, less force cost.
  • Updated splash screens.
  • New login screen.
  • New loading screen.

Bug Fixes
  • Changed Jedi Powers and Jedi Defender defense working against Force attacks.
  • Fixed Jedi Knights being able to go on leave via recruiters
  • Fixed Level 5 & 6 Droid armor modules requiring old Composite segments.
  • Fixed Kaas World Boss shuttle.
  • Fixed floating building in Cratertown, Jakku.
  • Fixed strings on Organa (XJ-2 airspeeder) and V35 speeder
  • NPC Jedi Mindblast does blast damage instead of lightsaber and only attacks mind.

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Posts: 180
Joined: Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:08 pm
Location: Las Vegas, NV
United States of America

Patch 8.1 - Hotfix - December 11th, 2018


Post by Tyclo » Wed Jan 02, 2019 1:11 am

Hotfix – December 11th, 2018

Life Day:
  • Invasions:
    • Krampus has been significantly nerfed (Stop trying to kill him, behave instead!)
    • Soloing an invasion will now result in more punishment than just Krampus.
    • Players now receive a warning message on every attempt to solo an invasion.
    • Doing an invasion with other players will result in an increased loot chance.
  • Loot:
    • Crafted Life Day Presents can no longer be made into a factory crate. (If you exploited this, we will find you and we will kill you)
    • Added more jokes to the Life Day Crackers.
    • Added additional warning to the Big Red Buttons.
  • WhoVille:
    • Tavern in WhoVille now has decorations.
Updated Locations:
  • Kaas:
    • Kaas Smuggler’s Outpost has been completely redone with new buildings, scenery, terminals and NPCs. - Note: Players may experience a crash upon cloning at the Smugglers Outpost’s cloner.
    • Kaas Prophet (Imperial) Garrison has some new scenery.
    • Ruined Sith Complex has some new scenery.
  • Jakku:
    • Cratertown has been completely redone with new buildings, scenery and terminals. Currently a work in progress.
    • Smuggler shuttle to the Battlefield and Recruiters have been moved to reflect the building and scenery changes at Cratertown.
    • When leaving the Battleground on Jakku, players now have the ability to shuttle to an additional faction specific location off planet.
  • Fixed Event Mobs dropping SR Coins (Sorry, that was never intentional)

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Posts: 180
Joined: Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:08 pm
Location: Las Vegas, NV
United States of America

Patch 8.1 - Hotfix January 3rd, 2019


Post by Tyclo » Wed Jan 02, 2019 2:26 am

Hotfix – January 3rd, 2019

Life Day:
  • Life Day has ended.
  • Double XP has ended.
Elite NPCs
  • About:
    • New type of encounter.
    • Spawns randomly at different locations throughout the galaxy.
    • Guaranteed loot.
  • Antarian Ranger Outcast:
    • 2 spawns on Chandrila
    • 2 spawns on Taanab
    • Loot: New Elite Hunters Camp (Limited use schematic)
  • Jedi Watchman:
    • 1 spawn on Dantooine
    • Long respawn, spawns in a wide variety of locations.
    • Loot: Two named color crystals previously inaccessible through regular content or other Jedi related loot.
  • Added Resource Stacks display family name, class and type as their resource container name. Splitting an existing stack and condensing it onto the "new" split stack will rename the resource container.
  • Added DX Disruptor Array to rare junk loot group.
  • Updated new player welcome message.
  • Server will no longer broadcast when a new player bounty mission is available.
  • Increased size of Xenoboric Lance.
  • Removed attackable NPCs from exterior of Kaas Smugglers OP.
  • Fixed GHA Slayer Quest bug stopping players from dropping or completing missions.
  • Fixed Space Battle hologram name and description.
  • Fixed Clone Wars Grievious painting name and description.
  • Fixed Trooper painting name and description.
  • Fixed Bothan Female painting.
  • Fixed Fighter Pilot Human painting.
  • Fixed mismatch error with halloween painting loot group.
  • Fixed Sayormi Mobile loot.

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